General construction (timber frame homes and brick homes )

ogolnobudowlaneDepending on the customer’s needs the building construction can be constructed on several possible ways:






  • Standard- foundation with basement or without,
  • Uniform floor slab, reinforced on the surface throughout the whole building,
  • Foundation walls with timber ceiling,

In any case, we use isolation with tarpaper.

Construction Material

Wood, from which we make the walls, ceiling and roof truss must be properly prepared. To ensure longevity of the structure and adequate protection against moisture, fungi and pests, wood is prepared as follows:

  • dried to a moisture content approx. 10 – 12%,
  • Planed on four sides,
  • Impregnated with fungicide and fire protection substance,


Proper wood preparation is an essential condition for the construction of timber homes. Therefore, we possess the Wood Durability certification for timber which we sell.


The walls, ceiling, rafter of our buildings are screwed with special galvanized screws. The same with roof of the building and roof trusses. This provides greater rigidity of the structure.

Curtain walls

For connecting the curtain walls of the building we use fiberboards /3 bolted to the structure with screws.


It may be made in several ways:

Covering the house by board façade

Covering the walls by mineral wool and plaster

Covering by clinker brick

You can also perform all sorts of connecting:

  • Board façade with plaster,
  • Board façade with cobblestone.

Moisture protection

In our buildings in order to provide protection against moisture. The external walls and roof are covered only by proven foils. To ensure the effective removal of moisture from the interior of the building we use the outside ventilation which is crucial.